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We believe that the future of marketing is definitely in Content Marketing. Content marketers are keeping a close track on what is evolving in the global market today and how to take advantage when preparing marketing plans for clients.

Wouldn’t it be great if you, as a marketer, know which way content marketing is heading in the global arena in the next few years? This way you can focus your energy on these key areas.

Our Group CEO (Angelina Cheong) shares her thoughts here.

What do you think are the top content marketing trends for 2017?

We need to have more rich media content; just as audience tastes and expectations are evolving so rapidly, so will the types of content being created. I believe that more focus will be placed on personalised and niche content, with more emphasis on video, visual and interactive content (virtual reality); that moving into the future of marketing, more businesses will seek out the best content creators and marketers.

We need to shift towards better quality, more in-depth content, as we know it’s tough to break through the noise. By leveraging on user-generated content, it will make the journey of the user easier. Let’s think PERSONALIZATION. Brands need to start to target their content to individual preferences, desires and interests.

We have all heard that people are betting big on VIDEO – while a shift in content formats will definitely skew us to more visual forms (like video). Is there still a need and demand for long-form content? Personally, I feel that the focus will be shifting more to short-form content.  Less is more.

We will start to see more movement from marketers towards adaptive content marketing. More than ever we have a need to be “human” in our marketing as consumers want to know the people behind the brand. Most companies will give up on content marketing as they want to see immediate results, but content marketing can be a great thing for those who are playing the long game.

We must view content, not as the finish line, but the starting line. Businesses will need a promotion and distribution strategy to follow through. Without a good promotion plan, your content would not go anywhere.

Remember: Quality over Quantity.

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